The Artist - Fabrizia Bazzo

Over the winter months, while sitting in my studio, I found myself observing the branches and leaves on the trees as they battled against the wind and a project that I had been contemplating for a while started to take shape in my mind. The physical movement of the objects hanging from the mobile with the changing glimpses of light add an extra dimension to the work. I have always specialised in making architectural glass projects and, despite the mobile seeming to be different from what I usually do, I feel that it still follows a common theme about its place in the living space. When working with glass, light is always the most important element to consider in how to express a feeling through a visual balance between content and aesthetic. For this work, I also had to consider the 3-dimensional space it would occupy, the interaction with the elements, the movement and delicate physical balance of the objects. These constraints presented new technical and practical challenges to my usual working practice.
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Art and Sculpture Exhibition at Delamore