The Artist - Annie Ward SWAc

Annie graduated from The Birmingham Institute of Art and Design with a first-class honours degree in fine art. She is an Academician and Trustee of the South West Academy and an elected Member of the National Association of Acrylic Painters. In addition to the South West Academy, her recent work has been exhibited at The Mall Galleries, Bankside Gallery and The Royal West of England Academy. Annie creates paintings in series. Much of her work has evolved out of her interest in both social history and genealogical research. This means that she may revisit a series of works as her research progresses. Layering, distortion and erasure have all come to play a key part in her practice, referencing the often-fugitive nature of both memory and historic narrative.those mutable spaces between land and ocean, entwining topographical details with elements of abstraction.
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Art and Sculpture Exhibition at Delamore