The Artist - Judith Jones SWAc

As a Fine Art Photographer my work often relates to personal conflicts and human frailties. My twilight images examine the dialectic between the outside and inside, commenting on the contrasts of private and public spaces. Each composition considers exclusion and isolation, fear and uncertainty. Conversely they may also hold memories of comforting, warm, welcoming safe spaces. Seemingly mundane vernacular spaces can hold a myriad of memories for everyone; some of these one might approach with fear or excitement, or simply a sense of familiarity and nostalgia. The “blue hour” of twilight takes us through the transition between day and night, maintaining an uncanny sense of unease. Documenting this fragile time frame presents a magical, filmic space that at once intrigues and fascinates me, yet also evokes a lingering sense of fear.
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Art and Sculpture Exhibition at Delamore