The Artist - Luke Shepherd SWAc

Luke Shepherd's bronze portrait sculpture exhibits a clearly recognisable style, capturing the unique strengths and subtle nuances of each sitter. He has skilfully moved beyond his formative years into a mature and sought after bronze portrait sculptor. After early success in both the Royal Academy, London and the Academie des Beaux-Arts, Paris he has exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, London and the Academie Des Beaux Arts, Paris. Maurice Quillinan- Art Critic He has bronzes in national museums and private collections throughout the UK. He lectures, mentors and teaches sculpture courses to plastic surgeons. Shepherd is one of the few sculptors to cast, finish and patinate his own bronzes.  He studied bronze casting at the Royal College of Art. This enables him to be impeccable when it comes to standards of quality and craftsmanship. He is a member and former trustee of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen. His main approach has been to choose something mind-bendingly complicated and stick at it unceasingly! He lets his hair down (what little he has left) playing guitar and singing in an indie rock band.
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