The Artist - Solly Solomon SWAc

My work primarily explores themes of self and identity, creating reflections of an inner world. Painting for me is a way to explore and engage with difficult emotions and life experiences. It’s a way of processing feelings that often seem difficult to define, to make sense of and ultimately to navigate. My work is about my life, allowing me to express emotions that would otherwise feel intangible. Behind each piece lies a hidden story, emotion or memory transfixed in time. I create figurative female paintings with echoes of my grounding in watercolour, contrasting realism with watery abstraction. The models are often depicted wearing a mask of heavy make-up and Elizabethan style ruffs. This is something that has been in part inspired by my background in theatre working as a scenic artist at The Welsh National Opera, and in no small part inspired by watching Peter Greenaway’s 'Prospero’s Books' during my Art Foundation Course. I have previously exhibited with The Federation of British Artists, The Society of Women Artists, The Royal Cambrian Academy, South West Academy and at The London Biennale. Awards include The London Invitational Art Award 2023, The Lawrence Coulson Art Award 2023 and Winner of The Hollybush Emerging Woman Painter Prize 2021.
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Art and Sculpture Exhibition at Delamore