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Merrivale Stone Row, Dartmoor

Merrivale Stone Row, Dartmoor

Oil on Canvas

The Artist - Alexandra Jacobs SWAc

Born in Bideford, north Devon, I lived outside of the county for most of my life but I have now returned to the West Country. I graduated with an Honours Degree from The West Surrey University College of Art and Design at Farnham and in the past I have engaged in public art and private commissions, teaching and commercial work. I am a past Trustee of the South West Academy and I have exhibited with the Academy and also with a number of societies at the Mall Galleries and galleries in the South West. I would describe myself as a colourist painter. I often work from memory and my interiors reflect this. I also love the solace of landscape; wild places, and evidence of past habitation on Dartmoor. My favourite time of the day is that magical moment at last light when everything appears to intensify and stand still; when time, both past and future, seems to merge and become one.
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Office: 01752 837663