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The Artist - Michael Carter SWAc

Michael studied Arts and Humanities subjects at the Hatfield Polytechnic and the University of Oxford. In his landscape photography he avoids idealized images of environmental states but seeks to convey evocations of the uncanny and prospects of enchantment. An abiding theme is the notion of corrupted pastoral, which describes how artificial forms collide and combine with the natural, and how people in their own built environments often appear estranged and incongruous. His more recent work in colour abstraction in the diptych form has been shown in joint exhibition with Robert Mountjoy (A Closer Look, Totnes). Also a writer and a photographer of faces, his commentaries and portraits of the SWAc Academicians can be found in South West Academy: Art, People, Place. His latest book is The Penwith Society of Arts: Portraits of the Artists.

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