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Standing Ground

Standing Ground

Bronze Resin on Rusted Slate
Ltd Ed 2/9

The Artist - Martin Staniforth SWS

My creative practice explores vitality and vulnerability. Our existence seems to depend, in part, on having an external image of confidence and certainty. Often, this is in stark contrast to the reality of our inner feelings, our weaknesses, our not knowing. My sculptures show strength and vitality yet also hint at interior vulnerabilities. Persephone is inspired by classical traditions from ancient Greece, blended with a contemporary twist. The deep fissures allow us to connect through surface beauty to what might lie within. For Persephone, this might reflect her feelings during her annual descent into the Underworld to meet with Hades. As a thematic sculptor, I am comfortable working with materials from classic bronze through to woven willow, aluminium mesh and 500-year-old burnt timbers, as displayed inside and outside Exeter Cathedral in 2021.

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